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Transfer super out of AUSfund

You can transfer your super from AUSfund into another active super account you hold. AUSfund does not charge any exit fees for you to transfer.

How to transfer super out of AUSfund

Why should I transfer my super out of AUSfund?

Don't know if you have another super account?

If you don’t know if you have another super account, check with your current or previous employer about which fund(s) they made your super contributions to, or try looking for accounts you may have forgotten about. You may also set up a new super fund account.

Consolidating super on your behalf

If we have some of your super and you hold an active account in one of our participating super funds, AUSfund will try to consolidate your super for you through our Cross Fund Matching service.

If you have more than one other super fund account, we may transfer your AUSfund balance to an account other than your preferred super account. If you do not wish to have your accounts combined through Cross Fund Matching and  want to remain a member of AUSfund, you can opt out by managing your member details in your Member Online account.

Other options

Claim your account balance now if it is under $200 or you're retired

Generally, super can only be claimed when you retire or meet another condition of release. However, if your AUSfund account balance is under $200, you can claim it at any time and we will pay it to your nominated bank account.  

You can also claim it now, regardless of the balance amount, if you’re already retired. You will need to have your proof of identity certified if your balance amount is $1,000 or more.

Claim your account balance if you are a temporary resident leaving Australia permanently

If you’re a temporary resident permanently leaving Australia, you have six months to claim your super from us. If you don’t, we may transfer your benefit to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Under Australian Securities and Investments Commission relief, we do not have to give you an exit statement if we pay your benefit to the ATO in these circumstances. Once transferred, you’ll need to contact the ATO to claim your benefit.

To claim your Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) go to the ATO website and complete the (DASP) online application.

If you have moved to New Zealand indefinitely or permanently and you have a KiwiSaver account, you can apply to transfer the whole balance of your super to that account. For details, read the fact sheet then complete the KiwiSaver claim form.

Any questions? 

View our Frequently asked questions or contact us.