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Cross Fund Matching

Consolidating super for you

If you’re a member of AUSfund, we will try to combine your super for you. Here's how it works.

As Australia’s Unclaimed Super Fund, other funds send any members who have become lost or inactive (aka unclaimed super) to us. Some members may not know they have been transferred, in fact many AUSfund members don’t realise they have super with us, or find it hard to consolidate their accounts.

That’s why we run a Cross Fund Matching service, to look for accounts that belong to our members in other super funds. If we find your active account, we transfer your AUSfund balance to it, reuniting you with your unclaimed super.

Keeping your details up to date will help us find your other accounts and get your super back to you sooner. 

How does Cross Fund Matching work?

AUSfund has partnership arrangements with a number of participating super funds. Prior to each exercise, we request certain details about the funds’ active member accounts. We then use a statistical formula to compare our member records to their information.

If we find an account matching an AUSfund member's details in another fund, and that account has received contributions or rollovers in the prior year, we automatically transfer their AUSfund balance to that account.

If we find eligible matching accounts in more than one fund, we use member engagement indicators to determine which account is least likely to become lost or unclaimed in the future and is most appropriate to receive the transfer.

Cross Fund Matching only combines AUSfund super with participating fund accounts. It does not combine accounts between the other funds.

How successful is Cross Fund Matching?

The 2017-2018 Cross Fund Match exercise ran with 9 participating industry funds and successfully reunited 48,148 members with their unclaimed super in mid-2018. 

To date, we've reunited 892,669 industry fund members with $347 million since the program’s commencement in 2001.

Who are the participating funds?

The following funds are participating in the current Cross Fund Match exercise, commencing in June 2019.

This list may change for future exercises.



Equip Super

First Super




Media Super

MTAA Super


Can I choose which account to send my super to?

As the choice of receiving account is based on a mathematical calculation, we may transfer your AUSfund balance to an account other than your preferred super account. However, you can transfer your super to a fund of your choosing before Cross Fund Matching occurs.

When does Cross Fund Matching happen?

Cross Fund Matching usually occurs annually. Analysis for the current exercise is due to commence in mid-2019 with the transfer of matched accounts in the latter half of the year.

Will you tell me about my matching accounts before you transfer my AUSfund super?

AUSfund does not need to notify you or have your consent to transfer your balance to your active account.

We will send all transferred members an exit statement to their last known mailing address after the transfer is complete.

Can I opt out of Cross Fund Matching?

If you do not wish to have your accounts combined through Cross Fund Matching and want to leave your super with AUSfund, you can notify us of your choice.

Log in to Member Online to take control of your AUSfund account and manage your preference in your member details. You can also write to us directly from the Contact us form within your account.

Please note, we may still be required by law to transfer your AUSfund account to the Australian Tax Office

What about my privacy?

We will use your personal information. When we look for your active accounts, we use your personally identifying information to look for matches. We use your name, birth date, tax file number, address and any other contact details we have for you. You can tell us in writing not to use your tax file number, but it will make it harder for us to find your other accounts and confirm they belong to you. We might not be able to consolidate your accounts for you.

We are committed to maintaining your privacy and protecting your personal information. That's why AUSfund and our participating funds and service providers have participation agreements that include confidentiality provisions to limit access and use of member information shared for the purpose of operating the Cross Fund Matching service. All parties are additionally obliged to always act in accordance with their privacy policies and obligations under Australian privacy law.

For information about how AUSfund protects your privacy, read our Privacy Statement.