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Aon ERF transfer into AUSfund

Welcome to AUSfund

We’re glad to have you join us. Here you will find all the information you need about your transfer from Aon Eligible Rollover Fund (Aon ERF).

Why is Aon ERF moving?

The trustee of Aon ERF determined that it is in the best interest of members to merge the Aon ERF with a larger fund that can provide benefits of scale and deliver better outcomes for the fund’s members.

Why AUSfund?

AUSfund is one of Australia’s largest eligible rollover funds, used by a number of major super funds Australia-wide. We work with super funds to proactively reunite members with their lost and unclaimed super. AUSfund is consistently awarded the ‘Top rated ERF’ by independent ratings agency Heron Partnership.

When will I be transferred?

Aon ERF merged into AUSfund on 12th April 2019 and your membership of AUSfund commenced from this date.

Will I lose any benefits as a result of the transfer?

No. To be legally allowed to merge via a Successor Fund Transfer, members must have substantially ‘equivalent rights’ or better in the receiving fund and the transfer must be in your best interest.

The Aon ERF Significant Event Notice sent to you will have included a high-level comparison of the two funds, but you can find out more about AUSfund, including our fees and costs and investment performance, here on our website or read our Product Disclosure Statement.

What happens next?

AUSfund will send you a welcome letter in the weeks following Monday 15th April 2019, once your Aon ERF exit statement has been sent to you. 

Your welcome letter will confirm the receipt of your balance and contain your new AUSfund member number. You can use this information to confirm that your opening balance is the same as your exit statement balance from Aon ERF, to register for Member Online, start a claim or change request or contact us with any questions about your new account.

AUSfund will include your new account details in our Cross Fund Matching program which looks for active super accounts in our network of participating industry funds. If we find a matching account for you, we will automatically consolidate your AUSfund super into that account.

Claims in progress

If you have an open transaction request or claim pending processing by Aon ERF on the date of the transfer, the relevant files and documents will be provided to AUSfund to complete once your new account has been opened. AUSfund will contact you for any outstanding requirements and confirm once your application has been processed.

Historical information

Your historical Aon ERF account information and transaction details will not be transferred to AUSfund. AUSfund will only receive your balance and other details required for us to administer your account. If you need to access any historical information, you can refer to your old Aon ERF member statements or contact Aon smartMonday on 1300 880 588.

Any Third Party Authorities you have with Aon ERF will not apply after the transfer. You will need to reapply to AUSfund to establish these after the transfer.